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女声合唱とピアノのための いにしえの10の愛のうた「万葉集」より(カワイ出版) 10 Love Songs from Japanese Waka Anthology “Man’yo-shu” 目次/Contents 1 秋の野に In the Autumn Field 2 いにしへに織りてし機を A Weaving Song 3 瓜食めば More than Gold, Silver and Gems: A Love Song for Children 4 思はじと言ひてしものを Although All My Love will be in Vain 5天地のいずれの神を祈らばか A Young Soldier’s Song for His Mother 6 つき草のうつろひやすく Just like a Day Flower’s Fading 7 春過ぎて Spring Has Passed and Summer Comes 8 敷島の大和の国は A Noble Song for His Fortune-Blessed Journey 9 東の野にかぎろひの立つ見えて On the Hazy Mist Rising in the Eastern Field 10 韓人の衣染むといふ A Purple Farewell Song 価格1800円(税込)